India Fashion Week – Catch the Glimpse of Latest Fashion

Fashion Week is an event that is organized in countries every year. It lasts for about a week. It offers a great platform to several existing and budding designers to showcase their talent and skill. Many designer houses also display their collections in these fashion week events. In fact, fashion event week is a wonderful way to catch the glimpse of latest in fashion clothes. It enables the industry understand ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s out’ for the season. Buyers, filmmakers, fashion corporate, professionals, and women love to watch these shows ‘live’ or on television.

Fashion shows are greatly adored by fashion conscious men and women. Any woman who wants to look beautiful and elegant turns to fashionable dresses and outfits. She gathers information on latest fashion from these events, which are featured on television. The popular fashion capitals are London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Melbourne, Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

Women look gorgeous in beautifully designed clothes and it boosts their power, professionalism, confidence, authority, strength, and prestige in the business as well in academic fields. It is very essential that both men and women should be properly dressed for their work, meetings, businesses and other networking events. It is significant for respect, development, and growth.

In order to let people understand what is acceptable and what is not, fashion week events are organized. Lakme India Fashion Week is one the most popular fashion events organized in India. Emerging designers along with veteran designers from across the country participate in this event. Besides designer clothes for women, these fashion events also focus on men’s collection as well as accessories.

Some of the eminent and established fashion designers who participate in these Indian Fashion week events include Abdul Halder, Anamika Khanna, Arjun Saluja, Digvijay Singh, Gayatri Khanna, Gurpreet Pia Fleming (bian), Lina Tipnis, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Narendra Kumar & Manish Gupta (Westside), Rahul Mishra, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Vikram Phadnis, Virtues (Ashish, Viral, Vikrant), Wendell Rodricks, to name a just few.

The line of collection presented in these shows is in accord with the approaching season. In fact, designers offer cool coats, skirts, beautiful dresses and a huge collection of Indian saris, which look stunning. Moreover, Indian designers who come from different cultures try to project the diverse tradition in their clothes. Indian fashion week is more than mere showcasing designer collections. It is a unique platform for reaching out a large number of varied audiences.

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Fashion Can Be Right in Your Finger Tips With Dress Up Games

Let the fingers do the shopping and give you the chance to have luxurious living. If you are a fashion enthusiast, fashion can be right in your finger tips with dress up games!

With the growing sophistication in the society, it can be sometimes necessary that you are not left behind. Though there can be times that you are busied by daily tasks whether it is the school works or your soccer game practice, you should not looked like your aunt and you have to learn the latest fashion trends. If you are hesitant in putting the combination of clothes that you want and you wish to do away with unnecessary spending, you can try the latest fashion dresses with dress up games!

The good thing that goes with dress up games is that you can even assist the celebrities and fashion chic in the fashion world. Have you wondered how Sasha can look like when dress up with the fashion clothing that you prefer? And imagine how striking it could be with her sparkling green eyes? How about the girl with the tan beauty, Yasmin? It would make the difference as her brown eyes take a glimpse of herself in the mirror- the beauty mark underneath her left eye, brown eyes. Or maybe Chloe? The blonde hair with blue eyes, and light tone skin?? Don’t you think a satin silk dress can give the perfect glow? And never forget Jade in her glamorous fashionable outfit for the day’s shopping getaway!

Dress up games delightful as your creative thinking is stimulated by the virtual game. It can give you unnamed pleasure as your desire to become a fashion chic comes alive. Fashion can be right in your finger tips with dress up games, since you do not have to get dizzy with mall shopping and dream of that dress in the fashion boutique store.

Dress up games is readily accessible in the Internet. By a single click search results can give you a lot of options. Find what your heart tells you and weigh the option as to which site can give you the most gratifying and thrilling fashion experience, with quality dress up games.

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Fashion Dressing For Success

Being in the fashion industry you would think that all the men and woman I meet have an amazing sense of style. Well you would be wrong. You should see some of the get ups that come into my building. Yes, you can take more risks when you dress in my business, but, some people look like they have lost their minds. Sometimes it isn’t just that they look odd, but they are just clueless. From one extreme to another I have seen it all.

The first thing I am going to talk about sounds like a no brain-er. But, many of us have made these faux pas’. You must always be well-groomed. That means clean and styled hair (no roots). Make up that doesn’t overpower and refresh your lipstick (if you are a woman) throughout the day. Make sure you have manicured nails and toes, no chipped polish and no art on your nails. Leave the rhinestones for the weekends. Clothes should be clean and in good repair. Hem skirts and pants so that they do not drag. No flip-flops to work (this is a personal peeve of mine). Perfume must be subtle. You do not want anyone distracted by poor grooming. One of the things I suggest investing in is a good haircut.

Another aspect of dressing well is focusing on fit and proportion. When buying clothing it is important to buy clothes for the size we are and not the size we want to be. A basic blazer can add a lot of punch to an outfit if it fits you right. Find a good tailor to help you with this. Everyone’s body is unique. There is no way for a fashion line to make their fit perfect for each body. That is why a good tailor will make a difference by shortening sleeve lengths, hemming skirts, nipping in waists. Well-fitting clothes really look expensive. This is what can make mediocre – special!. When buying a piece of clothing, always buy it to fit the largest part of your body and then the seamstress can adjust accordingly. Also bring the shoes you intend to wear with the piece if it is a skirt or pant. Proportion is also crucial. You do not want to wear a long blazer with a long skirt, all over tight clothing, or all baggy styles. Fashion magazines, catalogues, and the internet can show you what shapes work best together. How clothing fits and works together is as important as the pieces you buy. So always remember fit and proportion when putting together an outfit.

It is now time to build the foundation of your wardrobe. These are the key pieces that you will build around. Make sure that these items are the best quality you can afford. They should be modern silhouettes, but not so trendy that they will be out of style in a season

1. Classic blazer in a neutral color

2. Black pants

3. White button front shirt

4. Black dress

5. Trench coat

6. Pencil skirt

Build your clothing around the core pieces you have bought. Read magazines such as Lucky and In Style which show you practical ways to put outfits together. Go on-line to web sites such as Ann Taylor and J Crew which also show outfits. Download, or tear out photos of looks that you like. You can take them to the store as inspiration for how to put your outfit together. Also when you get to the store there will be displays that will give you further inspiration. Take a friend that you trust who will give you unbiased advice as you try on different items. Then choose the pieces you want to try on. Be adventurous. Try on lots of things and experiment. Try on pieces you may not normally consider. I take my 18-year-old daughter shopping all the time. She likes my taste and I am her wing-man of choice. I always have her try on things that are different from her traditional wardrobe and many times she likes it and puts together something new. My latest look for her is shorts with tights and boots. Love the look for college students. You should be looking to flesh out your wardrobe. Don’t feel you have to do this all in one day. It is a work in progress and you will always be shopping. Once a month should do it. You will need more skirts and pants, probably 5 -10 tops/jackets/cardigans and an extra dress or two. When putting together an outfit, use one basic, one wow piece, and a jacket or cardigan to complete your outfit. Also remember that one item can be worked in different ways. You can buy a pant that you use to go with a cardigan set, blouse and jacket, or a sweater. Go shopping and have fun.

My favorite part of the outfit: is shoes!! I love shoes: boots, flats, platforms, pumps, all of it. Shoes can really make a statement about you. This is where I like to splurge. I buy good shoes mostly, but I do throw in some inexpensive flats from Payless for walking in the street. Working in Manhattan the sidewalks can really trash your good shoes not to mention your feet and back. Payless has really cute flats and it beats walking to work in sneakers (hate that!). I am really careful with my shoes, having the bottom tips and heal lifts replaced often and constantly polished. I have a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sling back black pumps that I bought on sale for $350. Sounds expensive? Not really when you consider that I have them for several years, wear them all the time, and they make the outfit. If you amortize the cost over wearings it probably has cost me 25 cents a wearing. Good value right? So get some good pairs that you can add to your assortment. You need to own a black pump, a great pair of dressy knee-high boots, a ballet flat, and a pop color shoe (maybe red) as your basic assortment. Of course you can add to that and have some fun. I have a leopard print pump and platform booties that I love.

As I have been writing this, I realize that this is a lot of clothing to purchase all at once. So my recommendation is to start with 10 easy pieces and build your wardrobe from that. Start with the core foundation pieces and a pair of pumps with some cool t-shirts and it is a good beginning. Then you can build around them.

I want to mention undergarments. Sometimes an outfit can be lost due to poorly fitting bras and underwear. If you haven’t been professionally fitted for a bra in the past 6 months go to a department store and have someone do that for you. Our bodies’ change so what might have worked last year could not work this year. Also, many women don’t know how to fit themselves. You could be wearing a 38C but really need a 36D. A professional is trained on how a bra should fit. Get a nude color to wear under white tops. Not a white bra which will show. Of course you will also need black. I am kind of basic myself and do not buy colorful bras. I would rather spend my wardrobe dollars elsewhere. Your undergarments should be smooth; you do not want to see any bumps or seams through your clothes. The best invention for women is spanx and their knock offs. This will smooth out your body so you do not have a muffin top or a bulging tummy. No more girdles, this the new shapewear.

My mother has tons of handbags. She has all sorts of styles and colors. When she dresses, she changes her bag to match her outfit. I, on the other hand, do not have the time or the desire to do that. Here is where I cut corners in my wardrobe. I buy the best neutral handbag I can afford for the season. I make sure I buy it on sale or at an outlet store. Then I wear it every day. I like to buy good quality handbags as I like what they say about me. Also I never seek to match my bag to my shoes (unless they are both black). It is a very dated look.

Accessories – the frosting on the cake. Accessory designers are doing such good work that sometimes the fakes look like the real thing. I buy accessories that are inexpensive but add punch to an outfit. You can take the most basic of outfits and add a great neck piece with earrings and wow! When dressing, at the very least you should put on earrings. You can then add a bunch of bracelets or maybe a group of chains around your neck. A great silver or gold cuff is terrific with a dress. It is the rare person who can pull off earrings, rings, and bracelets all at once, so try not to overdo. Also not every piece should be big and bold. One big bold piece in an outfit is enough.

It is time to pull it all together. Try to plan your outfits over the weekend for the coming week. Check out the weather so you can plan your clothing accordingly. Start with the basic pieces of your look, the dress, skirt, pant or suit. Add a top to go with it. Then you put on the top piece which is a cardigan or jacket (if your outfit isn’t a suit). Do a basic with a wow piece. They can’t all be wow and if they are all basic make sure the accessory pieces are the wow. Always try new combinations for all your pieces to keep the looks fresh.

Good luck in Dressing for Success!

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American Fashion Industry – Latest Trends

The American fashion industry has always been the one to witness changing trends and in the words of the jargon related to this industry, while the latest acceptable trend is described as being the ‘in’ thing, the trend which is on its way out is described as being ‘out’. Therefore, an individual who aspires to be an icon of the American fashion industry must be aware of the latest trends which are ‘in’ and sport them in the best possible manner.

One of the latest trends towards the end of this first decade of the new millennium which seem to have made a mark in the American fashion industry are dresses of all kinds like baby doll, dresses with kimono sleeves, shirt dresses, wrap dresses and jersey dresses to name just a few. The recent surge in the popularity of dresses is attributed to the fact that these serve as perfect all-time apparel which can be worn anywhere regardless of the time of the day or night and are available in a number of innovative varieties to suit all types of occasions.

Another latest trend pertaining to women in the American fashion industry has been the advent of spring blouses especially the ones which feature a black and white combination, puff sleeves, kimono sleeves and graphic prints. This trend is being described as the hottest fashion style among American women due to the fact that not only can these blouses be combined with every bottom dress like jeans or a skirt, but that they can also be worn for formal occasions when partially covered with a jacket. In addition, terms like ‘shift’ and ‘convertibles’ have made this style acceptable among all age groups of women due to the many choices of cuts and prints which are available.

The American fashion industry has witnessed equally revolutionary trends for men as well and while the world is close to an end of the first decade of this new century, men in America are spotted sporting cardigans which are now available in their new designer avatars. Although male cardigans were famous during the twentieth century when they were sported by many famous personalities like TV show presenters, rock stars and other well known Americans, they has acquired the status of being women’s clothing after that and have now re-emerged as being fashionable for both men as well as women.

T-shirts have long been a part of the American fashion industry so much so that it is often the best medium for reflecting the prevalent state of mind of the people. Therefore, the most recent trend among t-shirts has been to express one’s opinion as regards the prevailing political situation in the country as well as one’s comments on the various issues. Apart from serving as a walking billboard for the common man on the street, a custom t-shirt is lightweight, loose and comfortable due to which it has always held a mass appeal for the Americans which never goes out of fashion. The latest trend in this regard is cult t-shirts which are used by colleges, sports teams, retailers, civic groups, schools and bands.

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Get Your Timely Update on Trendy Fashion Dresses

Fashion is something that changes faster than the twinkle of an eye. What is in today might not be in tomorrow.

But who knows, it might just be back in trend a few weeks later. What’s your fashion quotient? Are you a casual street smart dresser or are you a brand slave? Are you still wearing the spring collection from 2005?

Maybe it’s time you got an update on some of the latest happenings in the world of fashion. So what do you do? Buy the latest edition of a fashion magazine? Not when you have the best updates on Trendy fashion dresses on the internet.

There are several websites that have the latest dosage on fashion and you can not only pick up tips but you can also purchase the clothing that you like.

What’s hot and what’s not

If you feel that browsing the internet everyday for fashion tips is asking for too much, then there are other ways as well to stay updated.

You can take tips from people around you. Celebrities, sportsmen, music artists or just about anyone whose sense of style you adore can be an inspiration for changing your fashion.

If nothing of the above works for you, then try being the rebel. You can create your own sense of fashion. Sure, it takes a lot of guts to flaunt your own style but it certainly makes you unique. Who knows, there might be people emulating your dressing style in some time.

Stay true to yourself

Finally, the best piece of advice I can give you is to stay true to yourself. Not everything suits everyone. You can buy just about anything, but you should be able to carry it off without being too flashy.

By the way, have you thought of going retro? We are not talking about Elvis, but wait before you throw out that old pair of jeans. Vintage is in now.

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Checkups Can Be Done In Men’s Health Clinics

It is a common fact that men are not good in own health care. They will always try to avoid consulting a doctor for any health issues. Normally, the men will do anything to avoid public concerns about their health problems, or to obtain professional advice when something is wrong. They may therefore miss the opportunity to enjoy better health and fitness. But it is a must to consult a doctor for maintaining good health. There are many men’s health clinics where they get better treatment for any kind of health issues.

There are many issues for which it is a must to consult a doctor which is given below:

Blood pressure
Healthy blood pressure level is important for your health and to lead a long and active life. The problem of high blood pressure can go undiagnosed for years without obvious symptoms, but can cause heart attacks or stroke. However, early diagnosis means the condition can be treated before permanent damage is done. If you’re at all worried about your blood pressure then you have to consult a doctor. Also you can read men health articles for knowing more about the symptoms and prevention methods of these diseases. In many cases, hypertension can be treated with changes to your lifestyle. A change in diet and increased physical activity system can be tested before treatment is decided.

Cholesterol is another problem, which can lead to many health problems. Therefore, it is important to have your cholesterol level checked, and make every effort to maintain a good level. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL, and a simple blood test is needed to determine your level of both. Cholesterol level you should be concerned about is the level of LDL. This is what is called bad cholesterol and may accumulate in the arteries, creating a traffic jam. HDL is considered good cholesterol because this can help prevent harmful blocks. If you have high cholesterol, it is possible to reduce it by managing your diet, exercise, and losing excess weight. Also you can go to any of men’s health clinics for treatment.

The main reason for diabetes is the high blood glucose. This disease can go undetected for years, and many people are diagnosed when they have a routine blood test for an independent state. Early diagnosis helps to escape from kidney damage and prevent damage to the heart and vision. Symptoms may develop very slowly and this is the reason people will not care about it. Symptoms may include increased thirst, unexplained weight loss, feeling constantly tired and very blurred vision. If you have doubt that you may have a high glucose level, just go to any men’s health clinics than trying own treatment.

Prostate Cancer
Another health issue which can create major problems is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can be treated if it is diagnosed at an early stage. The main symptoms are difficulty urinating, frequent urination, especially at night, the flow of weak or interrupted urine, painful urination or blood in urine. Such symptoms may be caused by less serious conditions such as enlarged prostate, but if any of these symptoms starts you can clear it by going to any of the men’s health clinics.

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How Health Magazines Can Help A Woman Lead A Healthy Life

A woman is the focal point of her family unit. She is the Miss-do-all and At-all-times lady. The maximum burden of running the home lies squarely on her shoulders. She is dependable and the support system in her home. That is why it is important that she takes very good care of herself, especially her health, and I mean, body and mind. Some women have friends or families that they can consult. Others may not even be comfortable talking to their husbands or doctors about their fears or issues, out of embarrassment. And there are many times when a woman may find herself all alone.
However, at this point in her life, she has someone that she can turn to; someone that she can consult in all confidentiality. I am talking about Health magazines which can play a big and important role in her life. She can read these magazines, and find a solution to her problems. There are, for example, magazines to help her lead a healthy life by maintaining a balanced diet. On the other hand she should be sure to check out the authencity of those magazines. She should read only reputed magazines, printed by reputed publishers; their ideas and views are more likely to be genuine and trustworthy. Otherwise, she could pick up wrong information, which may mislead her and be detrimental to her health.
Health magazines not only teach how to lead a healthy physical life, but also a healthy mental state of mind. They teach about things one can do to calm oneself down, and change one’s anxious disposition to a cool one.
Women facing a serious medical illness may find a variety of solutions and treatment available. There will also be details of doctors who they could consult and get in touch with. It helps them when they are in constant fear and don’t know what to do. They could check out a number of different magazines and get a variety of opinions, and then decide which one to trust more. Health magazines can also enlighten them on the subject and give them loads of information which can be utilized. Be it something as sad and serious as breast cancer or uterine cancer, there will always be information to help them, sometimes accompanied by pictures or sketches to make the explanation much easier. These magazines make women more knowledgeable about the symptoms, treatment, cure and recovery.
Health magazines were started with a purpose, and that is to provide crucial health information when it is really needed. They are written for, and accessible to, all women, all over the world. Women are important and an integral part of the family unit, more precious than silver or gold.

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Getting Health Insurance In California

Most employed people in California or elsewhere, get their health insurance through their job. If you are self employed or for some reason doesn’t work regularly, I will strongly recommend that you purchase a health insurance if you can afford it. You never know when you will need some kind of medical treatment.

Emergency treatment is a necessity. But sometimes non-emergency treatments can be necessary as well, at least to prevent emergencies in the future. Most of the top insurance companies offer health insurance in California. There is a wide choice for you if you plan to take insurance in California. However to choose the right company you may very well consult the state insurance department of that state. You can check the website of the state department to know the insurance companies that offer their services in California.

There are many websites that only require you to select the state of your choice and you are provided with the list of health insurance companies in that state.

Small businesses that provide health insurance can get credits in income tax. Hence most of them provide health insurance benefits to their employees. It is a tedious task to choose one insurance company that may offer you the best service possible. There are many factors to consider while choosing an insurance company.

The company’s financial standing is an important factor apart from the prompt services offered. The insurance rates offered also should be competitive for a particular type of policy and policy term. If you are sure about the policy term and the amount that you can spare as premium every year, then it is easy to choose a policy through the interfaces that are provided in the websites.

Features to compare the policies are to be used to get a competitive quote. You can select a few policies and then compare them to find the best one among them. Policies across companies also can be compared using some websites. You can even get online quotes from companies that you wish. If you are not sure how to identify the right policy then the best way is to approach an independent agent. These agents work for many companies on commission basis hence they can give you the right policy cover needed.

Going online and search for good health insurance quotes is easy and convenient. You sit down at your computer. Then you go to your favorite search engine and perform a relevant keyword search. In matter of seconds you get a huge list of potential companies and offers. Browse through some of them and compare. The choice is yours.

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Chiropractor – A Health Care Invention

A chiropractor is defined as a health care device with a professional touch for the diagnosis and intensive treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Their emphasis is on neuromuscular disorders, especially spine.

Most of the chiropractors are used as a pain reliever for the patients. That is why it has been given the title of being an alternative medicine to the subjected treatment.

Chiropractors firmly and honestly believe in the kind of relationship that developed between our nervous system and spine, this does not come as a surprise as we have already mentioned that the major area of focus for the chiropractor is the spine.

Here is the listing of few of the benefits received from Chiropractic health care

1. A great boost for stress reliever

It is a well known fact that too much of stress will always result in a bad outcome. Neither is it good for health nor is it good for our well being. When our nervous system moves out a bit from the track and our skeletal system seems to have shaken off from their proper position, there are very high possibilities that your entire body will feel out of balance as well. This is what will lead to stress in your entire functioning of the body. Here is when the functioning of a Chiropractor comes into use. It helps in balancing that stress and your body is immediately made to come back to its normal balance. Once you are made to adjust to this functioning you will feel much more equipped to manage this stress if it happens to arise again.

2. Posture perfection by Chiropractor usage

By using this chiropractor over a considerable period of time, these chiropractor adjustments can help in the alignments of the spine and brings a noticeable change in your posture. This is distinctly helpful when it comes to aligning the curve on your neck. As soon as you get into your working in an office phase, you have to spend hours after hours in front of a computer. Due to this from a very young age, people are seen to be having neck issues. If you continue a regular and dutifully maintained use of the chiropractor, you can improve your body posture in no time.

3. Moods are taken care of automatically

When with time your body gets adjusted with the working procedure of the chiropractor, your entire body gets balanced. The entire chemistry of the body is brought back on track. A lot of people who have not had the best of luck in chemical balance gain a lot from the chiropractic care. Depression which is a very serious mental condition also sees an immense improvement in the moods of the sufferer. So you see how a chiropractor is creating wonders in your mood related cases as well which are in a way related to the functioning of your entire body.

Thus we provide you with a gist of all that you can mainly expect from the usage of a chiropractor. It is efficient and it is useful and it is interlinked with many a thing’s improvement.

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Calamine Lotion Benefits

Calamine lotion has been around for a long time and was always used in the medical environment. Obviously, it isn’t as strong as most antiseptic chemicals but it is a lotion that prevents itching.

Calamine lotion can be used for various treatments which include damaged and itchy skin. When skin gets damaged it will get itchy because the cells are breaking and tearing apart. It may sound painful but the itch is what really gets to you. And who can resist scratching an itch?

Coming into contact with poisonous plants is common when camping or spending the day in a garden. These are plants that use poison as a self defence mechanism to save themselves from being cut or eaten. It’s also important to know your allergies as some people may have allergic reactions to certain plants. The calamine lotion can help to soothe the burning feeling and prevents any breakouts at the same time. This will help heal the rash and infection quicker in a painless way.

Baby skin is very sensitive to most surfaces including their nappies. The calamine lotion can help to heal the nappy rash or anything of the sort without burning your child’s skin. Keeping the rash as soothed as possible will make your child more comfortable.

Insect bites are common in any area of the world. These bites could also be slightly poisonous (in certain cases) which causes itching and inflation on the skin. Applying calamine lotion to the bite will soothe the wound and assist with the process of ridding the body of the harmless poison. Please remember that certain insects can also be dangerously poisonous and you should be aware of which insects and spiders can harm you greatly. Most insects that have many bright colours are often associated with high toxic levels.

Calamine lotion also assists with stretch marks and broken skin that occurs during pregnancy. There is nothing worse than having discomfort during pregnancy especially if it could be treated or prevented. Adding calamine lotion to your broken and itchy skin relieves the surface of the discomfort.

You can also apply it to other skin problems such as acne, dryness, eczema, psoriasis and as a normal moisturiser to improve complexion and quality of skin.

Calamine lotion can be found in most stores or in bulk quantities at cash and carry wholesale stores. If skin problems continue after the use of any treatments, there is a chance that your body is unable to cure itself of the infection. In such cases you would need to consult a dermatologist to find out the cause of the problem.

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